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Why you should care about the Top 250

Last Wednesday, while most of Paris startup scene was attending (the very good) Paris Founders Event, another event, attracting a slightly different crowd, was taking place: the 4th edition of the Top 250 french software providers.

While the event was covered by “traditional” IT media like 01net or JDN, it seems to me that it went largely under the radar in the startup circles. Unless I’m mistaken, I didn’t find much mention of it in startup media, neither did I see of lot of social medial shares from public startup figures. And it’s a shame.

Co-organized by Ernst&Young and Syntec Numérique (the biggest digital trade union in France), the event’s purpose is to highlight and promote french software providers successes. And successes there are: more than 9€ billion in cumulated revenue in 2013 and more than 6% yearly growth for these 250 companies! The organizers also awarded prizes to Scality (innovation), Intersec (international),  Focus Home (video games) and FinalCAD (audience award). All these companies started out as startups, sometimes never raised external funding, and are now making serious revenue and kicking asses internationally. Intersec for example, created just 10 years ago, made €11,5 million in revenue last year and has 12 offices worldwide.

So why not talk about them? Of course, selling (mainly B2B) software is less sexy than raising funding from US investors, doing a KickStarter campaign or being acquired by Google. I get that. But, by overlooking the performance of these champions, young entrepreneurs may pursue the wrong objectives or replicate US models that don’t fit in France.

So if you’re all for french startups becoming big and making big revenue with not so sexy products, share this post!