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Archive for July, 2014

The advent of new super-villains?

I recently watched back to back videos from Larry and Sergey (interviewed by Vinod Kohsla) and from Mark Zuckerberg (interviewed by Paul Graham). While I can’t recommend you enough to watch these videos as they offer rare insights from the leaders of the most powerful tech companies out there, I couldn’t help notice how brilliant these guys are.

Throughout history, successful leaders have always derived their power from strength, ruthlessness and sometimes birth right. But very rarely from intelligence. It seems to me that it’s the first time ever that more and more powerful leaders are emerging because of their intelligence. This makes me wonder: what happens when super intelligent people are super powerful?



Cool growth hack

I am currently assessing email marketing solutions and I just found out about GetResponse. Nothing very special about this service compared to the usual suspects so I was about to close the tab on my browser but just when my mouse approached the close button, the following window popped-up.


How cool is that? Of course when I tried it again the window did not pop up so they use cookies to make sure you don’t see the window over an over. After some quick research, it seems it is a relatively easy jquery command. I wonder why not so many startups use it.

Would you?